• Inria: Asclepios (Medical images analysis) : Nicholas Ayache, Xavier Pennec, Hervé Delingette, Marco Lorenzi, Maxime Sermesant
  • Inria: Athena (computational neuroimaging) Rachid Deriche, Maureen Clerc, Demian Wassermann, Théo Papadopoulo
  • Inria: Stars (spatio-temporal analysis of intelligent sensors) François Bremond et al.
  • CHU: Memory Center (Philippe Robert, Renaud David)
  • CHU: Department of Psychiatry (Michel Benoit, Bruno Giordana, Laurent Gugenheim, David Bensamoun)
  • CHU: Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Florence Askenazy, Suzanne Thummler)
  • CHU: Neurosurgery and FHU INOVPAIN – DEDT (Denys Fontaine, Michel Lantéri-Minet)
  • CHU: Neurology CSEPRR – URCSNC (Christine Lebrun-Frenay, Mikael Cohen)
  • CHU: Neuroimagery (Stéphane Chanalet, Lydiane Mondot)
  • UNS CAL: PET molecular imagery (Jacques Darcourt)
  • UNS: CoBTeK (Valeria Manera, Jeremy Bourgeois, Philippe Robert)
  • IPMC: Functional Genomics Platform (Pascal Barbry)
  • IPMC: Cellular and Molecular Biology of Normal and Pathological Brain Aging (Fredéric Checler)
  • IPMC: Physiopathology of Mental Retardation and Autism (Barbara Bardoni)
  • IPMC: Dynamics of membranes and protein coats (Hélène Barelli)
  • FHU OncoAge (Paul Hofman)

A second circle of partners will allow to extend the experience acquired to other pathologies, and to associate other disciplines in the field of human and social sciences and sustainable innovation.