Recent news:
October 2019:  Study completed in memory center, day care center and nursing home
November 2019: first description of the  population:
91 subjects with 2 time evaluation : mean age 83.7 years old, mean Mini Mental Score : 17.5 / 30
Décembre 2019 – February 2020: clinical data analysis. The analysis of medico-economic data will take place at the beginning of 2020

Vidéo: the work done with Xtorp !

Xtorp instructions for use (in french) :

With the aging of the population, Alzheimer’s disease and associated pathologies represent a major public health challenge. To date there is no pharmacological treatment to stop the degenerative process or behavioral disorders. This explains the importance of non-pharmacological approaches to stimulate cognition, reduce behavioral disorders or improve quality of life.

In France, the cost of taking care of patients over 75 with this type of pathology is estimated between 24.2 and 30 billion euros per year, which is more than cancer or cardiovascular disease.

At the same time, new information and communication technologies (ICTs) play an increasingly important part in our daily lives and can be a support in the field of health. In this context, ICTs attract a great deal of interest in evaluation, rehabilitation and assistance. At the level of care, the aim is to propose applications to train and / or stimulate cognitions, behavior and motivation. It is in this context that serious games or Serious Games (SG) are registered.

Az@GAME (Alzheimer’s Disease and serious games), is the winner of the e-health AAP 2011-2015 from the French industry ministry of economy. Thanks to the collaboration of the team CoBTeK (Cognition Behavior Technology), the team Inria Stars and the company Genious, this program enabled the development of several SGs allowing to realize with a therapist physical and cognitive training sessions. The AZ@GAME ECO+ study is a new and innovative step in that it is the first combined evaluation of the cost and usefulness of managing patients with Alzheimer’s disease using the serious Games (SG). In AZ@GAME ECO+ SGs are a new tool for institutions involved in patient care. The main objective of this study is to evaluate the cost-utility of the management of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease using therapeutic therapeutics compared to the usual management.

AZ@GAME ECO+, which is a multicenter study, involves 18 participating centers: Dependent Educational Institutions (EHPAD), Day Accommodations, and Memory Centers.

The partners of the Memory Center of the CHU de Nice and the CoBTeK team are the Nice / Department of Public Health of the CHU of Nice, the Medico-Economic Research Unit of the University Hospital of Montpellier, the Genious Group, the Alzheimer Innovation Association And the STARS INRIA Sophia-Antipolis team.

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