Dementia @mbient care : Multi-Sensing Monitoring for Intelligent Remote Management and Decision Support

Overview :

Dem@Care aspires to contribute to the timely diagnosis, assessment, maintenance and promotion of self-independence of people with dementia, by deepening the understanding of how the disease affects their everyday life and behaviour

Results – Publications

Auteurs Titre Année Documents
Alexandra König & al
Automatic speech analysis for the assessment of patients with predementia and Alzheimer’s disease    2015 [download id=”3988″ format=”2″]
Alexandra König & al
Ecological assessment of autonomy in instrumental activities of daily living in dementia patients by the means of an automatic video monitoring system    2015 [download id=”3991″ format=”2″]
Alexandra König & al
Validation of an Automatic Video Monitoring System for the Detection of Instrumental Activities of Daily Living in Dementia Patients    2015 [download id=”3994″ format=”2″]
Alexandra König & al
The role of information and communication technologies in clinical trials with patients with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders    2015 [download id=”3933″ format=”2″]

It implements a multi-parametric closed-loop remote management solution that affords adaptive feedback to the person with dementia, while at the same time including clinicians into the remote follow-up, enabling them to maintain a comprehensive view of the health status and progress of the affected person. The system includes:

a loop for people with dementia and their informal caregivers to monitor and assess their cognitive and behavioural status by integrating a multiplicity of wearable and in-situ sensors, enable time evolving context-sensitive profiling to support reactive and proactive care, and afford personalised and adaptive feedback.
a loop for dementia clinicians to provide objective observations regarding the health progression of the person with dementia and medication effectiveness, warn about trends closely related to dementia (e.g. apathy), and support preventive care decision making and adjustment of treatment recommendations.

Project Objectives :

The scientific and technological objectives of Dem@Care are:

– To determine a prioritised list of feasibility and functional specifications to enable the identification and development of valuable services to people with dementia.
– To develop a proper installation of multiple sensors in the home, on the monitored person in an unobtrusive manner (wearable, portable devices), in tandem with recording of utilities usage for physiological activities monitoring and analysis.
– To investigate the relation of sensor measurements to dementia-related diagnoses.
– To integrate audiovisual situational analysis for recording of daily activities, behavioural profiling, unusual activity detection and monitoring of emotional, mental and functional state.
– To enhance lifestyle logging with multi-sensor information from home sensors, utilities usage records and audiovisual data.
– To provide personalised behaviour interpretation with the use of intelligent analysis and dynamic knowledge structures, correlating and semantically integrating results of multi-sensor analysis with clinical and personal knowledge.
– To provide feedback tailored to personal traits and behavioural profile.
– To develope and integrate  modules to implement the requirements for the system, as determined by clinical experts.
– To perform clinical validation of Dem@Care system through three-staged testing and evaluation.

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Daily activity assessment using video sensor at the Nice Memory center.

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