JeReV – Jeu Relax – Entretien Vidéo

Relaxation and positive emotions in children after a psychological trauma

The attack of 14 July 2016 in Nice caused a major trauma for people directly in contact with the horror of attacks, especially families and children. In this context it is very important to understand, evaluate, maintain and develop the positive abilities of these children.

The JeREV protocol (jeu Relax, Entretien Vidéo) was built in this spirit.

The main objective of JeREV is to improve the quality of life (emotional sensitivity in the context of family life, school, social interactions) in children who have suffered post-traumatic stress due to a terrorist act using new technologies.

Project sponsor: IA Association
Partners: CoBTeK, Inria, Genious, Medicare, Lovigo, Les Pavillons de Bercy – Musée des Arts Forains

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