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The main objective of the Institute Claude Pompidou is the promotion of interactions between care, education, research and cultural activities in the heart of the city of Nice. This scientific project should allow an optimal interrelationship between research, new technologies and human sciences by placing the patient and his caregivers at the center of interest.

This is possible by integrating in the same building the Resources and Memory Research Centre, the research unit CoBTeK, a nursing home, family associations and accommodation units.

The Institute Claude Pompidou’s principal objective is to represent a model on different levels: care, research and education at all stages of Alzheimer’s disease. The Institute, located in the heart of the city of Nice, offers combined at the same place, all possible information and support for Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders.

The new technologies of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are partly employed as assessment instruments as well as instruments to verify and follow up on treatment plans. Thus, ICT have a major role in dependency prevention and the adaptation of urban environments to the needs of the elderly and the preservation of their autonomy.

In order to be a leading actor in research, the Institute Claude Pompidou will house a dedicated team composed of guiding experts in the field: the CoBTeK unit for Cognition-Behavior-Technology. This unit is attached to the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis.

The implementation of an interrelationship between Information and Communication technologies required the establishment of a strong partnership between clinical and fundamental research.

As the former research at the hospital, the objective is to bring “fundamental research to the patient’s bedside”, the objective of CoBTeK is to guide this fundamental research as an “algorithm” at the living places of the elderly.

The CoBTeK team includes experts from both fields: INRIA (National Institute of Research in Computer and automatic Sciences) for the fundamental research and the CMRR (Resources and Memory Research Centre) for the clinical research, in a place that is accessible to everyone: The Institute Claude Pompidou

Finally CoBteK have also other partners (IM2A – Paris Pitié Salpetrière, IPMC- Sophia Antipolis, Stanford University- USA, and ISIR– Paris VI).