The ConneXion Group

Cyril Scatton

Java and web developer at Lucid-ULG, university of Liège

Current project : Working on a mobile application managing elderly activities and collecting health datas.
Position and background : Bachelor of Multimedia, HEPL High School of Liège, Mobile developer’s degree, Technifutur Liège
Interests : Healthcare’s innovations, serious games and more generally, current’s medical needs. 

Sébastien Piccard


Researcher in the geriatric department at University of Liège
Domain of expertise: Old people, neurodegenerative diseases, neuropsychology (revalidation and tests), health, gerontechnology
Background: Diploma : Master Degree in Psychology – Orientation Neuropsychology
Diploma : Bachelor in Speech Therapy
Interests: Technology, old people, agism/stereotypes, frailty

Cyriac Azefack

Ph.D. Student at Ecoledes Mines de  Saint-Etienne, Department of Healthcare Engineering

Subject : Frail state prediction of elderlies living alone in a smart home in order to prevent autonomy loss
Domain of expertise : Machinelearning, non-invasive sensors, smart home, simulation modeling.
Background : Engineeringdegreein data science at IMT Atlantique (France)
Interests : Elderlies, modeling of human behavior, cognitive assessment, early detection of neurodegenerative disorders, serious games.

Sepideh Iranfar

Intern in Sensoria Analytics company in Sophia Antipolis

Domain of expertise : Speech and language pathology, neuro-lingual disorders, neural data analysis.
Position : Researcher in machine learning applied to neuroimaging at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Genoa, Italy.
Background : BSc in Speech therapy in Medical University of Tabriz, IRAN. MSc in modeling of neuronal and cognitive systems in Université Côte d’Azur,FRANCE.

Interest : Neural data analysis, electrophysiological recordings, encoding and modeling neural systems.

Eric Ettore

Medical doctor in psychiatry department, Nice, University Hospital

Domain of expertise : Psychiatry disorders (Depression, anxiety) Neurocognitive disorders, Sleep and circadian disorders.
Background : Master’s degree in Neurobiology


The YesWeCane Group

Carole Wagnon

PhD student at the University Hospital of Bern, Department of Old Age Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Supervisor: Prof. Dr. S. Klöppel, Dr. J. Peter

Domain of expertise: Episodic memory, incidental learning, non-invasive brain stimulation, aging brain, memory in old age and in neuro-degenerative disease, cognitive assessment.
Background: Master of Science in Psychology, University of Bern / Main module: Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology / Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Bern / Minor: Criminal Law and Criminology, Education Science
Interests: Cognitive Neuroscience, Learning and Memory, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Gerontology, Clinical Neuropsychology

Safia Menssor

Master student of modeling neural and cognitive systems

Background: Professional experience in neuromarketing / Research experience in cognitive neuroscience / BSc in Psychology – Texas State University
Interests: Memory, theory of mind, vision, neuromarketing, artificial intelligence


Laurent Gugenheim

MD in psychiatry departement at the University hospital of Nice, Pasteur hospital

Domain of expertise :Mood disorders: unipolar and bipolar depression / Anxiety Disorders : post-traumatic stress disorder / Neuromodulation: electroconvulsivotherapy, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation
Research/clinical interests : Neurobiology, Imagery / Cognitive Behavioral Therapy / Virtual Reality / Neuromodulation: ECT, DBS, rTMS, VNS, tDCS,tACS, tRNS

Asma Gasmi

Ph.D. Student at Mines School of Saint-Etienne, Department of Healthcare Engineering

Subject: Smart connected bed design for elderly frailty detection at homecare houses.
Background:Engineering degree in electromechanical at EPI- Polytech (Tunisia) / Master in System, control and IT technology at Grenoble Alpes university (France)
Domain of expertise: Sensors, Connected-automotive systems, simulation modeling, control systems
Interests:Modeling of sleeping behavior, sleeping and aging disorder,cognitive assessment, diseases related to sleeping quality disorder, serious games

Pierre Pagacz

Reasearcher at the Center of Research in Information / Law and Society (CRIDS) of the University of Namur, Belgium

Domain of expertise : eHealth, evaluation of ethical and digital health services
Background : Master in Sociology and Master in Didactics